Join me on a stroll around one of my favorite local parks

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One of my Thanksgiving traditions is to be active. This year, I got up early and took a walk around one of my favorite parks that just happens to be steps from where we live. …

A Haiku & Reflection

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mistletoe waiting
pine trees dream of sparkling
Christmastime is near

For many years, Christmastime was a time that I dreaded. Warm, cozy homes filled with loved ones. Mine felt cold and empty. I’d take long runs and try to ignore the light spilling out from living rooms. Put on earmuffs…

Thanksgiving wishes and an update

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Hello, friends!

I know, I know! I just wrote here not even two weeks ago that you probably wouldn’t see me here all that much. Medium, you know I love you and couldn’t stay away too long, right? ;-)

As I navigate this uncharted creative dirt road I’m on, I…

A goodbye before embarking on new journeys

Image by KateCox on Pixabay

Hello, friends!

When I joined Medium this summer, I didn’t really know what to expect. From the platform or me. I was only just getting reconnected with my muse after having taken a few years off to focus on school. And I certainly didn’t expect for it to kickstart my…

Penelope Mayfield

Writer. Reader. Human. Fueled by tea and cookies.

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