Butterflies, Bugs & a Weirdo

My unusual and irrational fear of something beautiful (and other things)

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I can see you judging me from the other side of the screen. Stop that! Just kidding. Judge away. I realize I am a certified weirdo when it comes to this fear.

I’m going to add a random side note here. Take a looksie up to my kicker title —…

Poetic Response to Lifeline Day #4 Poetry Contest

A Poem

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she can book me a trip
to places discovered
and those unreachable
by the arms of reality

the golden pen
my ticket
ink bleeds magical boundaries
within the limitless margins
of the pages of my mind

trips taken and those imagined
blur together
creating a new vision
of existence
engraved on my soul…

Poetic Response to Lifeline Day #5 Poetry Contest

A Poem

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it was a dark time
when the sun hid somewhere
far away from me

I walked alone
my flashlight broken
looking for something bright

that’s when you sent them
the magical white lights
snowing all around me

a blanket of illumination
dusting away the cobwebs
clearing every dark corner



My complicated relationship with exercise

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One of my coworkers is obsessed with being active. To the extent that she often seems uneasy with the idea of embracing keeping still. No matter what the topic of conversation, somehow she always seems to work in her trademark saying, Gotta keep movin’!

Her quote has become something my…

Poetic Response to Lifeline Day #6 Poetry Contest

A poem from my muse to me & my unwritten books

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you lay there forgotten
digital dust blanketing
the frayed edges of
what could be

not sure what made
you different
from the others
with a successful plea

was it something you said
or something you did
was there a way to repair
the broken relationship within

between the lines
existed great…

A Prompt & Introduction to Prose Poetry

Discovery of a monster

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a-tisket, a-tasket
a monster in a basket!

It’s time for another prompt. Monsters hide in lots of places. And they wear many faces. Sometimes even our own.


Write a prose poem about the discovery of a monster.

Interpret everything about this prompt in any way you wish. …

Poetic Response to Lifeline Day #3 Poetry Contest

A Poem

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clutching to this life
holding tight
a grip that one day
will falter

shivering in fear
thinking of the
smiles and blossoms
snowmen and cookies
furry paws of my cat
laughter and comforted tears
the feeling of my husband’s hand
wrapped in mine
all the things
that I will miss

Penelope Mayfield

I wrote a book once. Now I write poetry, short fiction, and essays on life. Editor of Blooming Whispers, Whiskers & Friends, and The Menu. Top Writer in Poetry.

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